Thumb sucking clinic for children

Break that habit… Stop that thumb!

Thumb sucking is considered normal for babies and toddlers and is seen as a look of innocence. It is very common for children to use their thumbs or fingers as part of their routine to find comfort and soothe themselves but if it continues past the age of 6 when adult teeth are starting to come through then it can have a negative effect on development of the teeth & jaw.

We believe prevention is better than the cure and by breaking the habit early can prevent a child from having a long orthodontic treatment later on.

If you would like your child to attend our clinic please contact us on 01243 786620 or click here to book an appointment.

All appointment are held after school hours and they are free of charge.

What our patients say

“Just a short note to report back about James’s progress since visiting your thumb-sucking clinic on 10 May 2016. We are all delighted that after just a couple of reminders the following day to take out his thumb, James stopped the habit from then on and hasn’t looked back. We have now had a non-thumb-sucker for more than five weeks and there’s no sign of regression even at bedtimes, feeling tired or under pressure. He has clearly been quite determined to stick to your advice and whatever was said at your clinic has definitely had a remarkable impact! We now have a changed boy on our hands and would like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all your time and expertise at the clinic which was 100% effective as far as James is concerned. I suspect he will still need orthodontic work in time no doubt but the issues will not be made worse in the meantime. Until then, best wishes and many thanks!”