Healthy teeth can be moved by applying continuous gentle forces. Braces are tools that deliver forces to the teeth. Orthodontists are trained in the science and craft of moving teeth with braces. An experienced orthodontist can choose the right brace to skillfully deliver the best result for you.

These are some of the braces we use:


The Invisalign system is the most evolved removable brace on the market. It is very discrete and works in a different way to fixed braces. 

The process of customisation is computerised and laboratory-based. It involves careful planning between your orthodontist and Invisalign technicians.


The orthodontist prescribes the movements, to correct your problem and a series of aligners are manufactured and delivered to our office. Each aligner expresses a small programmed movement and is changed every 1-2 weeks. 


Ceramic braces are more discrete versions of the traditional silver braces. The Clarity Advanced technology is both aesthetic and practical. We use this bracket for adult patients and increasingly for older teenagers. 

Fixed braces are simple and fully customised at the time of fitting and adjustment. They can be fitted without delay and are suitable for most problems. The treatment is reliable, time-efficient and cost-effective.


Traditional braces are ideal for most children; they are cost-effective and fun. There is a choice of rainbow-colours which can be changed at every visit.


A Lingual brace is a fixed brace fitted to backs of the teeth and works in a similar way to traditional fixed braces. Lingual braces are virtually invisible and suitable for adults and older teens.


The orthodontist prescribes the design of your brace. Each bracket and wire is made to fit the contours of your teeth by the laboratory technicians and robotic machines, using digital technology. 


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