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A thought for a New Decade 2020

I qualified as a dentist 28 years ago this month. As I stand at the doorway of my 4th decade in service, I feel the need to scan the landscape from my view point. Sometimes the climb is steep, wooded and you don’t get to to enjoy the view. In a long career, it is good to slow down and take note of what is truly important...

My work is about creating smiles and it's true that crooked teeth affect the quality of life. As commercialism & financial targets continue to sweep across the world of Orthodontics & the medical world, I wonder if we have lost our way. But, I still believe that my work is wholesome & life-changing for many patients. And I hope it means more than just a 1st world fad!

Health and well-being have increasingly become more important, personally. I find myself reading about it and talking with anyone who will listen! Looking after my body, mind and spirit have become a priority since I my mum lost her fight with cancer aged only 66. That was 8 years ago, and my search for meaning and purpose has slowly displaced any youthful desire to acquire wealth, materials and beauty!

The global issues of climate change will impact my children and I feel sad... for every future world citizen, especially in the poorest countries. As a child of the 70’s, our generation has done no major favours for this big issue. I am 50 this year, and I wonder how the world will be when I turn 60...

So what can I give moving forward?

  • Officially an “elder!”, confidently share my mistakes and wisdom with those that follow.

  • As a clinician... continue my service with meaning, and give good care to my patients

  • As a parent and a friend, give unconditional love and support

  • As a world citizen, join the community in reducing materialism, waste and pledge to living a simpler, more meaningful life... giving thought to MY carbon footprint on the beautiful Earth that I will leave behind.

Happiness is... when what you think, what you say & what you do, are in harmony.

 – Mahatma Gandhi

Wishing you all a Happy New Decade

Ritu x


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