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Interested in improving your smile?


We can help you get the confidence you have always wanted.

Whether it's for your wedding, a special occasion or just because it feels like the right time, we can help you.

We are a fully private practice and happy to see children and adults of all ages.


 How we get our information has changed - social media controls our choices despite the questionable validity of "experts" & "influencers" in the field of health, finance, cosmetic treatments etc. A perfect white smile, is big business and everyone is selling it! At bargain prices, its all very tempting! But how do you know what you are getting is right for you...


Before embarking on treatments on your precious teeth & spending your hard-earned money get and unbiased view Safe Brace Campaign.


A qualified, registered dentist is allowed by the regulating bodies to provide any dental treatment THEY think they have the skills for. Orthodontists are dentists who have done a 3 year postgraduate degree to learn the science and art of correcting teeth and bites so that your treatment will be safe and appropriate for your long term dental health.


A bespoke plan needs physical assessment of your mouth and jaws followed by X-rays, models and photos. Bespoke treatment to straighten your teeth takes the shape and quality of your jawbone, gums and lips into account. Also identifying vulnerable teeth and managing risks during treatment. Not all brace providers have the same training or experience - some are guided by the computers in making your plan whilst others control the plan, using the software, giving a human touch for a result that is right for your smile, your bite and your future dental health. 

It is important to shop around and compare. Choose the right person for you - go by gut feeling, recommendation, and don't buy on price alone. Please call us for a chat...


"Without you guys I would never in a million years have smiled like this in a photo!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you! You really are the best!" 


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We use digital technology & modern braces to treat adults & children. We collaborate with your dentist and other specialists for you wider dental needs. Orthodontics is what we love and do best!


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We recognise the individuality of your needs and tailor treatment to suit you. Our recommendations are honest & personal. Your treatment will always be done by our orthodontist, Ritu, at every visit.


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We believe in a simple pricing structure which is fully inclusive and excellent value. 

Our payment plans can help you spread the costs for the duration of your treatment to make it affordable.

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Your smile is a window to your heart. We will help you to keep your smile beautiful forever. Aftercare is not an after-thought - it is part of your treatment with us and we are just a phone call away. 

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I have been an orthodontist for over 20 years and I still feel like the eternal student. Orthodontics has changed so much over the years but what keeps my interest is getting to know each new patient and not forgetting the old ones. Covid distanced clinicians from patients and new digital brace systems need less frequent visits. But the joy in my work is in maintaining frequent contact with my patients and seeing them at every visit so that your treatment is always under my control.

We are a small work family and our patients are an important part of our lives. I hope you will feel assured that we will give our best and put your needs at the heart of what we do. We try to deliver an honest and personal experience in an increasingly commercial world. 


I place physical and mental well-being at the center of my own life & take pleasure in helping my patients feel good throughout their treatment and beyond, with their new smiles. 

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