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Please be reassured that our practice follows the advice of our professional bodies in providing orthodontic treatment with safety and care at its heart.


We cannot afford to be complacent. If you have any symptoms of Covid (loss of smell/taste, persistent cough or a raised temperature) please phone to rebook your appointment. We wish you good health and well-being.


Ritu Gupta & the team at Chichester Orthodontic Clinic


 How we get our information about important things like personal finance & medical treatment is changing. As with many things, social media controls our choices despite the questionable validity of "experts" & "influencers". Cosmetic dentistry, braces & dental implants, for a perfect white smile, is big business! You can holiday in Turkey & come back with an instant new smile for a bargain price!


DIY braces come to your door without a qualified person even looking in your mouth. As if CAD-CAM image of your teeth is enough to plan the movement of your roots through your jawbone (regardless of the shape of your jawbone or your lips & face) by an unnamed person with an unknown qualification, who has no knowledge about your dental health or history. It appears that clinical care & supervision of your treatment is also an unnecessary waste of time & money and your teeth will move at double speed compared to normal braces. It may be convenient and cheap but is it right for you? Find out whom you are trusting with your precious teeth & your hard-earned money by looking at the Safe Brace Campaign.

The dental regulatory body has felt it necessary to warn patients about braces provided by un-named person who have not discussed ALL your treatment options, risks, & benefits. Only a qualified dentist can provide braces and they should be accountable to you, have indemnity cover & be registered with the General Dental Council.


Teeth can only move safely at a biological pace. Quick brace treatment will either harm your teeth or do half a job (or both!) My wish is for you get your information & options from reliable sources to make informed choices that secure health of your teeth & your money. It is important to shop around, ask questions & go to reputable clinicians. Many orthodontists offer FREE ASSESSMENTS so make use of them. 

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Without you guys I would never in a million years have smiled like this in a photo!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you! You really are the best!   MICHELLE

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Our practice specialises in all aspects of orthodontics - it's what we love! We provide modern clear braces for adults & children.


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We recognise the individuality of your needs and tailor treatment to suit you. Our recommendations are honest & personal.


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We believe in a simple pricing structure which is fully inclusive and excellent value. We also offer finance options.

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Your smile is your asset. We will help you to keep your smile beautiful forever. Aftercare is for as long as you need it. 

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I love the combination of science and art in hand-crafting each individual smile. I have been practicing orthodontics for almost 20 years, improving my knowledge and skills every day. I place well-being at the heart of my own life & take pleasure in helping my patients feel good through their smiles. 

We are a small practice & proud to deliver personal experience in a commercial world; putting your care at the heart of what we do. We are grateful & delighted to receive many of our patients by personal recommendation.