Problems & Emergencies

Both removable and fixed braces are subject to breakages and this can be uncomfortable to the soft tissues. Most problems can wait until your next appointment or until we are next open but please contact us for advice on how to deal with individual problems.

In case of an emergency that cannot wait please contact  The Jubilee Dental Centre at St Richards hospital on 01243 831790

Urgent problems with your braces

Those needing attention within 24 hours because of an accident or fall causing injury to the mouth, severe breakage of a fixed brace such that it is partly hanging off and digging in or anything else causing pain because it is cutting inside the mouth.

On weekdays look at our opening times and call/ email us or contact your dentist if we are not available.

In evenings, weekends & bank holidays call The Jubilee Dental Centre at St Richards Hospital, Chichester 01243 831790 or in severe cases go straight to St Richards Hospital A&E.

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