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6th June 2016

Diet coke is just as bad for your teeth as full fat coke…

Many people drink diet coke because it has no sugar and no calories, this is stated on the can in most cases. As to whether it has sugar makes no difference at all to the healthiness of the drink and in fact, the worry is, if there is no sugar or calories, what is it actually made up of? Diet Coke Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Colour (Caramel E150d), Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K),... read more

30th March 2016

Thumb sucking clinic for children

Break that habit... Stop that thumb! Thumb sucking is considered normal for babies and toddlers and is seen as a look of innocence. It is very common for children to use their thumbs or fingers as part of their routine to find comfort and soothe themselves but if it continues past the age of 6 when adult teeth are starting to come through then it can have a negative effect on development of the... read more

23rd March 2016

Oral Hygiene clinic for children

Need extra help with brushing? Join us! Good oral hygiene can help prevent most dental problems. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that your teeth are clean and free of debris, gums are pink and do not bleed when you brush and bad breath is not a constant problem. We can help your child learn the correct brushing techniques and give them tips on how to maintain good oral... read more

26th January 2016

So what is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on teeth and jaw position in order to get the best possible function and aesthetic result. This is achieved by wearing orthodontic appliances such us fixed or removable braces- click here for more information about the different types of braces available. A specialist in this field is called an orthodontist. To become an orthodontists, a... read more

25th September 2015

How to clean your brace with tepe brushes

When you have braces, your oral hygiene is even more important, as plaque quickly builds up around brackets, bands and wires. To prevent gum disease and cavities, you need to clean both your teeth and braces properly. Cleaning with a regular toothbrush is not enough – you often need an extra cleaning device. Tepe brushes are designed to help you get in between your teeth and are ideal for... read more

17th August 2015

Braces friendly cookbook

Wondering what you can eat when you wear braces? The first few weeks can be challenging so here is little help... Click here to download our "Now Let's Cook" braces friendly cookbook. This collection of recipes has been compiled with the new brace wearer in mind. A healthy balanced diet is important for all of us, especially for teenagers, whose growth and development now will influence... read more

9th July 2015

6-month smiles – more like 12-months!

Patients are bombarded with the promise of speedy treatment with magic braces. Orthodontic treatment has amazing benefits but also comes with risks. Braces are simply “tools” to put pressure on the teeth which makes them move. Simply speaking, braces can be fixed to the teeth (such as train tracks or lingual braces hidden inside) or be removable (such as aligners). Manufacturing companies... read more

Five reasons to choose Invisalign braces

Chichester Orthodontic Clinic welcomes patients from across West Sussex and Hampshire. Our job is to help you begin your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile and to greater confidence. During your consultation process we will explain the various treatments available to you, in order to ensure you get the best results. One of the most popular treatment options is Invisalign, and so with this in... read more