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29th February 2016

About me… by Ritu

As I grow older, I am humbled by the ones I follow. My mother, a teacher in her past life, with her quiet wisdom. My father, a doctor, his integrity and strong will... Both my granddads, one of my great granddads, not to mention my uncle, aunt and cousin are all medics. I have grown up watching them serve the community and make a difference to people’s lives. I am in awe of my granddad, an... read more

22nd February 2016

The Brave Headshave and the Mystery of the Generous Angel…

Special things can sometimes happen to ordinary people. As a 45 year old mother to two gorgeous girls (ages 7 and 9), a “devoted” wife, dutiful daughter, the boss of a small business, a professional orthodontist associated with revered colleagues etc, I have some standards to maintain. So what was I thinking of when I declared to the world that I was going to shave my hair off for... read more

26th January 2016

Brave-a-Shave? I can’t pretend that I am not scared… by Ritu

I told my hairdresser first… She was excited to do it for me! My team thought it was great! Very Brave of me though! My daughter Milli (age 7) was worried about how I would look without hair…she cried, bless her! My older daughter Piya (age 9) gave up on me after I had a drastic haircut 2 years ago. She thought I looked like a boy… As for my husband, Simon (age ?) he has grown a... read more

12th January 2016

Why am I shaving my head?…Is it a sign of a midlife crisis? by Ritu

My mum passed away in a local hospice in the summer 2012, about 10 months from diagnosis. Desperate and overwhelmed, our family clutched at straws as she reluctantly accepted chemotherapy. My sister & I helped her choose a wig that she did not wear. A woolly had concealed her loss of dignity and kept her warm in the winter months until her hair sprouted in the spring. She suffered silently... read more

11th January 2016


In December 2014 our patients raised over £700 in just 2 weeks for Chestnut Tree. Our practice pledge doubled this and we donated a total of £1561.22. Inspired by your generosity and in memory of my mum who lost her battle with cancer in 2012, this year we can do better... Hospice running cost               £6850 / day Government contribution     only 7% Your challenge    ... read more

5th January 2016

Christmas 2015

This year as part of our Christmas team outing we have decided to do some baking. We've been talking about making gingerbread houses since last Christmas, so this sounded like a perfect plan! We've done some research and found this lovely local lady Alex providing cookery classes at her home just outside of Chichester. Alex, runs a small business called Learn to cook with Alex but handled our... read more

1st December 2015

Things I have learned in the last 10 years about adults wearing braces… by Ritu

Things I have learned in the last 10 years about adults wearing braces… Most people want straight teeth but only some are willing to invest in this, whilst others are looking for quick & cheap “fixes”. Braces are not ideal for everyone. Most adults worry about wearing braces which stops them accessing treatment. I believe that some use the “cost” of treatment as an excuse for... read more