30th March 2016

Thumb sucking clinic for children

Break that habit... Stop that thumb! Thumb sucking is considered normal for babies and toddlers and is seen as a look of innocence. It is very common for children to use their thumbs or fingers as part of their routine to find comfort and soothe themselves but if it continues past the age of 6 when adult teeth are starting to come through then it can have a negative effect on development of the... read more

23rd March 2016

Oral Hygiene clinic for children

Need extra help with brushing? Join us! Good oral hygiene can help prevent most dental problems. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that your teeth are clean and free of debris, gums are pink and do not bleed when you brush and bad breath is not a constant problem. We can help your child learn the correct brushing techniques and give them tips on how to maintain good oral... read more

16th March 2016

Everything is going great! (part 8)

Many patients are nervous about orthodontic treatment and braces. Well after hearing all those horror stories I am not surprised! Humans are naturally scared of the unknown and since you don’t know what to expect after getting braces, you are scared of it. To help reduce your anxieties, we have asked one of our patients- Lucy to do a treatment video diary and talk you through her... read more

8th March 2016

First adjustment (part 4)

We've had some great patient feedback about “Lucy’s fixed brace video diary”, the diary had clearly helped many of our patients reduce anxieties and understand orthodontic treatment a little more. But everyone is different and have different pain tolerance levels, so we have asked our practice manager Kinga who is just about to start her fixed brace treatment (hurray!), to share her... read more