21st October 2015

Invisalign impressions appointment (part 1)

Many adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment nowadays due to the fact that modern braces are invisible or certainly discreet. It is never too late to get straight teeth and the smile that you have always wanted especially when there is no real need to wear fixed "train track" braces! Braces like Invisalign are very common amongst adult patients, so we have decided to show you how the... read more

14th October 2015

Just checking in (part 3)

Many patients are nervous about orthodontic treatment and braces. Well after hearing all those horror stories I am not surprised! Humans are naturally scared of the unknown and since you don’t know what to expect after getting braces, you are scared of it. To help reduce your anxieties, we have asked one of our patients- Lucy to do a treatment video diary and talk you through her... read more