9th July 2015

6-month smiles – more like 12-months!

Patients are bombarded with the promise of speedy treatment with magic braces. Orthodontic treatment has amazing benefits but also comes with risks. Braces are simply “tools” to put pressure on the teeth which makes them move. Simply speaking, braces can be fixed to the teeth (such as train tracks or lingual braces hidden inside) or be removable (such as aligners). Manufacturing companies... read more

Five reasons to choose Invisalign braces

Chichester Orthodontic Clinic welcomes patients from across West Sussex and Hampshire. Our job is to help you begin your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile and to greater confidence. During your consultation process we will explain the various treatments available to you, in order to ensure you get the best results. One of the most popular treatment options is Invisalign, and so with this in... read more